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Download Framaroot 1.9.3 for one click easy Android rooting.

There is a big difference between a rooted and none rooted device, in fact a rooted Android is more powerful. This power comes with the implement you are spending, as a successful rooting always needs a reliable tool to match with. This is where Framaroot comes.

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Framaroot apk 1.9.3

Framaroot rooting solution

Framaroot is a one click rooting application you can trust for an effective rooting on your Android. It does not need of any additional guidelines to run, the way it is made let user to gain root privileges in a single click. Rather than going for problematical tools you can trust Framaroot for easier and simpler procedure. In fact if you are in view of rooting, Framaroot is the most secured way to get your Android rooted without wasting time and money on different tool sets.

One click rooting with Framaroot will let you install SuperUser and Su binary on you Android device with no effort. The most important thing about Framaroot is its operations without a computer. In fact you only need to install and run the application. It works with several exploits like Boromir, Gandalf, Pippin, Frodo, Sam, Gimli and Aragorn. The app is attached with these exploits and you have to select an exploit in middle of the process to continue rooting with Framaroot.

Features of Framaroot rooting

Compatibility of Android devices

There is a wide range of devices in compatible with Framaroot application that are running on Android. In fact thousands of devices are supportive with the tool like Samsung, Google, Motorola, LG, Asus, Huawei, SONY and more. Unlike other rooting applications Framaroot works in support to the exploits. So all the time check the compatibility of your device with the related exploits.

Compatibility of Android versions

How to root with Framaroot



Rooting your Android with Framaroot is easy as just a single click to run an ordinary program. When selecting the exploit you must check the compatibility with the device model. As you are running Framaroot application in APK format without the support of a PC, there will not be any problematic conditions related to USB linking. If application get crashed in any case within the process, you must uninstall the application and force reinstalling. In additionally Framaroot rooting will void your device's warranty. So it is important to make a clear decision prior to anything.

Framaroot Latest Version

Framaroot has different rooting version to match with the time changes. Constant updates have made Framaroot second to none as it fills all time requirements of the user. At the moment Framaroot 1.9.3 apk is the latest version that is reachable to support more Android devices.

Some of the available Framaroot versions

Developer Credits

Framaroot one-click rooting application is developed by a senior XDA member "Alephzain". So the full credit goes to him for this admirable tool for easy rooting. You can download Framaroot from a genuine site or from the official website. Rooting an Android can be time taking, but Framaroot will never let you waste your precious time. In fact it is the most trusted rooting tool for Android rooting in compatible with a wide device range without need of a computer. So Framaroot is the easiest and fastest way to install SuperUser and SU binary on your Android.