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Kingo Root - Best One Click Rooting Software

Kingo Root is the best one-click root tool available for free which serves millions of Android users to make their Android successfully rooted. It only takes the time of a single click, but makes you enter to a new world of Android with more power. So try Kingo Root software for free and get a vast rooting experience on your Android handset.

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Why Kingo Root on your Android?

Without doubts, rooting is the best way to get closer to true potential of your Android, and the tool you select plays an important role in the way to a successful root. There Kingo Root comes in front as the best software to root almost all Android devices with a single click approach.

Kingo Root comes in a user friendly interface where users will feel absolutely comfortable within the process. It does not involve user in extra configurations or problematical downloads. So only thing is to get the updated version of Kingo Root and make it run. It comes in both PC and APK formats. Those who are not wishing PC support can now get the latest Kingo Root APK version on your Android and get your handset rooted within few minutes even without PC connecting troubles. Kingo Root is available for almost all Android users who wish to get your Android devices rooted in a single click approach free of troubles and very low risk of failure.

Features of Kingo Root

Device Compatibility of Kingo Root

Kingo Root one click rooting software caters millions of users, in fact it comes with an extensive support for almost all Android devices including Samsung, HTC, Google, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Asus, Lenovo, SONY and more. The tool has successfully tested in the latest Android device models with no trouble up to now, so we can expect more improvements in respect to the compatibility of Kingo Root rooting solution with approaching updates.

Android Version Compatibility of Kingo Root

Kingo Root APK

Those who feel troublesome of connecting your Android to a PC to root, now can get benefits of APK format. So get latest Kingo Root APK version to experience a highest success rooting in few step away. In fact there is only to download, install and click root, then it is all done.

How to root your Android with Kingo Root Software (PC format)

Points to remember

Steps to follow

How to root your Android with Kingo Root Software (APK format)

Points to remember

Steps to follow

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Kingo Root is a 100% user supportive application, so you would hardly meet with any interruptions in the process. If you want to avoid the troubles you might get within the process, remember the following points prior to the rooting with Kingo application.

If you fail rooting your Android with Kingo Root APK, try the latest PC version.

Warning: Rooting will void your device's Warranty, so remember to proceed at your own risk

Kingo Super User

With a successful rooting, Kingo Super User will be installed on your device automatically. It is the best tool to manage superuser access which comes as an alternative for SuperSU after rooting your Android.

Kingo Root Latest Version

On 7th of March 2016 Kingo Android Root version 1.4.4 has released with fixes to minor bugs. But devices running 5.0 above are still not supported.

Operating System support:XP/ Vista/ Win7/ Win8/ Win10

Developer Credits

The whole credits for this amazing tool development goes to King Soft.

If you are in view of rooting your Android, Kingo Root is the best one-click rooting tool you can try for free of charge. It is simple and easy to function. Updated PC and APK versions are now available to make your Android successfully rooted. Therefore boost your Android with Kingo rooting support and experience better performance, more customization, more battery strength with the same Android device in your hand. So give a try to Kingo free rooting software.