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Root Genius for a Simpler and Faster Rooting on your Android

Rootgenius is the best application to root your Android without any complications but with the highest success rate you ever looking for. Rooting is the best way to make changes in the system files of your Android as you are limited to a certain frame by Android default settings. In fact you are a guest user to our Android until you try with advancements over the internals. Simply the way is root with Root Genius.

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Why Root with Root genius?

Among number of rooting tools, Root Genius comes in front. The main significance is its user interface which enables easy and simpler rooting. As to the normal practice rooting is a time taking process to run with caution. But with Root Genius the concept has changed. It let user to gain root privileges in just one click.

Root Genius apk does not need of installations and complex clicks or downloads to function. In fact it is just about connecting your device to the PC and force it root. Its up-front interface makes root only few second away from you. Even though rooting has its side of risks, Root Genius will benefit you in more advancements than risks. In fact you can have problem-free root with Root genius.

Features of Root genius

Device compatibility with Root Genius

With constant updates it comes with an extensive support for many Android devices. In fact it supports more than 10,000 devices with the highest success percentage, including Samsung, SONY, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, Google and more. Up to now Root Genius has ruled crowning brands of the mobile world with root, and it will not be lessen, in fact there will be additional devices in the compatibility list in approaching days, including the most recent.

Android Root Genius 3.1.7 Guidelines


Make a complete back up of the device's data prior to the program, as there might be changes in the system arrangements of your device after rooted. If you are under the guard of an anti-virus application, remember to disable it temporarily.

Enable USB debugging mode by launching Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging and enable the option and make sure you are having at least 50-60% battery strength prior to the process. Be ready with a compatible USB cable to match with your device.


With Root genius there is only a little space to get problems as it comes in a user supportive interface. You can avoid troubles you might face if you disable the anti-virus program only if you have installed and be ready with a proper USB cable to match with the device in prior to the program. In additionally remember to strictly avoid other operations within the process of rooting, as it might interrupt. Always check with the compatibility of your device model and Android version with the root Genius version or apk application as it is very important to get rid of problematic conditions.

More versions with Root Genius

Root Genius is under continuous changes and time updates. There are different versions for user in support to the device models and software versions in operation. The latest version is ROOT GENIUS V3.1.7. You can download it from the official website also.

Developer Credits

Chinese developer team "Shuame" has created this one click rooting solution; Root Genius for effortless operating. Initially it was not developed for language support, but later they have released Root Genius with English in addition to Chinese version, and that has influenced highly on extensive user support. If you are willing to take part in rooting, Root Genius is the most fitting way to get close to true potential of your Android device. It is fast, accurate and absolutely supportive.